The COVID-19 ADR INITIATIVE (CADRI) is mindful of the fact that an aftermath of the effect of COVID 19 pandemic is the increase in the number of disputes brought to the courts pursuant to the constitutional right of access to justice.

Recognising the challenges within the formal civil justice system and in order to prevent the additional pain of going through litigation in our over-burdened courts, CADRI is a platform where COVID-19 related domestic and international commercial and contractual disputes can be resolved, using ADR mechanisms.

In this regard, it is sought to create an international CADRI Panel of Neutrals (the Panel) whose mandate would be to resolve COVID-19 related commercial and contractual disputes, not only for those who can afford to pay for those services, although at significantly reduced cost, but also to offer two pro bono mediation sessions to those eligible for such assistance, under set criteria.

There is no fee payable to be admitted as a member of CADRI Panel of Neutrals.

Members of the Panel will increase access to justice by:

Committing skills and expertise to assist parties in resolving COVID-19 related commercial and contractual disputes referred to them by collaborating CADRI partners;

Committing to provide pro bono services for eligible cases using set criteria, and to deploy these free services for at least 2 negotiation or mediation sessions, if either of them are determined to be best suited to resolve the disputes;

Committing to accept professional fees based on the scale of fees of the collaborating CADRI partners where the attempt at settlement exceeds 2 sessions of pro bono services, which would mean transiting from pro-bono to fee-paying services.

Now therefore, as an accredited ADR practitioner, I HEREBY AFFIRM my commitment to be a member of the CADRI Panel of Neutrals, pursuant to the terms and conditions stated above as well as any other terms and conditions imposed by the collaborating CADRI partners.

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Funmi Roberts

Funmi Roberts

Principal, Funmi Roberts & Co

Tunde Fagbohunlu SAN

Tunde Fagbohunlu SAN

Partner Aluko & Oyebode and Chairman of the Board, Lagos Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Centre.

Prof. Alero E. Akeredolu

Prof. Alero E. Akeredolu

Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan

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